Become a Resident Associate

We Are YOU!

We are subspecialty residents across Canada, in both pediatric and adult endocrinology and metabolism residency programs.

What Do We do?

  • Voice our perspectives and needs to the endocrine community, through the CSEM
  • Coordinate communication among residents
  • Host an annual Residents' Day Review Course

What Are the Benefits of Being an Associate?

  • It's free for residents!
  • Keeps you up-to-date with the latest in the Canadian and international endocrinology and metabolism community
  • Links you to all other Canadian trainees, potential future employers and research collaborators
  • Entitles you to apply for financial support to attend the Annual Meetings
  • Entitles you to apply for CSEM awards and grants

Who's Eligible to Become a Resident Associate?

Any resident in a Royal College–accredited residency program in Endocrinology and Metabolism (pediatric and internal medicine) in Canada.

How Can I Become a Resident Associate?

Click here to access the CSEM Membership Portal.

Be an Annual Meeting Committee Member

Voluntary position, 1–4 members

Responsibility: Curriculum development and implementation of annual Residents Review Course, held a day before CDA/CSEM.

Interested or have any questions or suggestions? Contact us.