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Your CSEM membership expires January 15, 2024. The first 100 members to pay their dues by December 31, 2023, will receive either a commemorative CSEM 50th Anniversary Pin or a Notebook/Pen set. Renew online now.

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  • important and timely updates on drug shortages, job opportunities, and our latest feature, Excellence in Endocrinology: CSEM Successes via the monthly newsletter;
  • announcements about upcoming CPD activities, and CPD On-demand sessions;
  • building your career by participating on our committees as a member or leader and collaborating with your colleagues across Canada; and
  • nominating your peers, or be nominated, for awards which recognize expertise and dedication within the endocrine community.

Your renewed 2024 CSEM membership guarantees you complimentary registration for our accredited CPD activities, and discounted registration fees for the annual professional conference – saving you more than $500 /year!

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To apply for a first-time CSEM membership, simply visit the CSEM Membership Portal, click on “Become a Member or Associate of the CSEM” and follow the instructions.

Categories of Membership

Active Members are certified endocrinologists holding a certificate in endocrinology from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Canada, the Professional Corporation of Physicians of Quebec or another comparable body, or individuals who have an active engagement in clinical or basic research in endocrinology and metabolism or allied sciences. If you are a certified endocrinologist holding a certificate in Endocrinology from the RCPSC, The Professional Corporation of Physicians of Quebec or another comparable body, you are automatically eligible for membership. Emeritus Members are Members who have retired from the practice of medicine or from research or engagement in the field of endocrinology and metabolism.

Corresponding Associates are qualified physicians or scientists residing outside of Canada. Application requirements for Corresponding Associates include:

  • evidence of interest or involvement in the field of endocrinology and metabolism;
  • provide resumé with relevant publications from last five years or other documents; and
  • indicate the name of two CSEM Members who could be called upon as references if there is need to further document your interest in endocrinology.

Resident or Research Associates are residents or research fellows in a Canadian training program in the field of endocrinology and metabolism.

Students of CSEM are medical, bachelor or postgraduate students as well as residents in a program other than endocrinology and metabolism who have an interest in research or practice in endocrinology and metabolism. It is free to become a Student of CSEM, however, in order to maintain membership, you are required to update your status with the CSEM on an annual basis. Students of CSEM are those individuals who have an interest in endocrine or metabolism sciences and who are currently engaged in a formal Canadian medical or research training program such as:

  • Medical Student;
  • Resident in Internal Medicine or Pediatrics;
  • Resident in a program other than Endocrinology and Metabolism;
  • Undergraduate Student; or
  • Graduate Student, who has an interest in endocrine or metabolism sciences.


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All CSEM Members and Associates will:

  • stay current with important and timely updates on drug shortages, upcoming events, jobs opportunities, and awards and grants via the monthly e-Newsletter;
  • have access to live and online accredited continuing professional development programs;
  • receive announcements about upcoming accredited CPD activities, and CPD on-demand sessions; and
  • receive discounted registration fees for the Diabetes Canada/CSEM Professional Conference.

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Annual Membership Dues

Membership fees for Active Members and Corresponding Associates are due annually. The membership year runs from January 15 to January 15. You will receive your renewal notice with invoice in December. Membership dues are subject to change.

CSEM Active Members $100.00 (plus applicable taxes based on residence)
CSEM Corresponding Associates $150.00 (plus applicable taxes based on residence)
CSEM Emeritus Members No fees
CSEM Resident or Research Associates No fees
Students of CSEM No fees


If you have any questions or comments regarding CSEM membership, please contact the CSEM at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 613-594-0005, x202.