Hydrocortisone (Cortef®) 10-mg Shortage

February 4, 2021 update: Resolved

The oral hydrocortisone tablet shortage is resolved.

December 21, 2020:

CSEM is aware of a possible shortage of hydrocortisone (Cortef®) 10 mg. While Pfizer Canada’s stock of hydrocortisone (10-mg tablets) has been depleted, new supply is on track for mid-January, 2021. Additionally, it is anticipated that there is currently enough product at the community pharmacy level to cover the supply gap. Pfizer has issued the following notice to pharmacies informing them of the backlog and suggesting conservation of inventory when possible:

medSask has a helpful conservation strategy document here: https://medsask.usask.ca/documents/drug-shortages-pdfs/hydrocortisone_shortage.pdf.

We will continue to remain in contact with Pfizer Canada and Health Canada's Drug Shortage Unit for regular updates and we will keep you keep you informed.