CSEM Grants

Dr. Fernand Labrie Fellowship Research Grant

This grant will be awarded to an MD research fellow who is pursuing additional research training in the field of Endocrinology and Metabolism. This is a one-time scholarship award for one fellow in the maximum amount of $30,000. Note that this award is intended as a salary award and can be combined with other sources to constitute a salary.

Eligibility criteria:

  • must be an MD research fellow in Endocrinology & Metabolism who, at the time of receiving the award, has completed two years of a Royal College—recognized Pediatric or Adult Endocrinology and Metabolism training program
  • member of CSEM in good standing (dues paid before application submission)
  • must be pursuing additional research training in the field of Endocrinology and Metabolism
  • the research project must be done in an accredited Canadian institution (all Canadian institutes/hospitals with University-accredited programs are eligible)
  • priority will be given to Canadians or landed immigrants

Application procedure: Complete the 2022 online application form and submit supporting documents:

  • letter of intention from fellow, including career plans
  • CVs of fellow AND supervisor (complete CV or CIHR-type CV)
  • one-page summary of proposed research project
  • letter of recommendation by someone other than the direct supervisor (previous research mentor or training director)

Deadline: July 31, 2022. No late applications will be considered.

Notification of winner: The winner will be informed by the end of October 2022. The winner will present a virtual lecture describing their research project, following the CSEM Professional Conference.

Reporting requirements:

  • Brief summary of the project that was/is performed and location of the fellowship
  • Outcome of the project: Completion? Meaningful results? Publications and communications related to project?
  • All scientific publications and communications during the period of the fellowship (1 or 2 years), related or not to project.

labrie 2022
2022 Dr. Fernand Labrie Fellowship Research Award winner Dr. Stéfanie Parisien-La Salle.

Past recipients of the Dr. Fernand Labrie Fellowship Research Grant:

  • 2022: Stéfanie Parisien-La Salle, Université de Montréal, Adult Endocrinology)
  • 2021: Shohinee Sarma (Univeristy of Toronto, Adult Endocrinology)
  • 2020: Cathy J. Sun (Univeristy of Ottawa, Adult Endocrinology)
  • 2019: Jamie Laura Benham (Univeristy of Calgary, Adult Endocrinology)
  • 2018: Calvin Ke (University of Toronto, Adult Endocrinology)
  • 2017: Amanda Brahm Berberich (University of Western Ontario, Adult Endocrinology)
  • 2016: Despoina Manousaki (McGill University, Pediatric Endocrinology) and Alanna Weisman (University of Toronto, Adult Endocrinology)
  • 2015: Julie Lovshin (University of Toronto, Adult Endocrinology) and Steven Orlov (McMaster University, Adult Endocrinology)
  • 2014: Monika Pawlowska (University of British Columbia, Adult Endocrinology) and Cynthia Luk (University of Toronto, Adult Endocrinology)
  • 2013: Brenden Hursh (University of British Columbia, Pediatric Endocrinology) and Emilie D'Aoust (Université de Montréal, Adult Endocrinology)
  • 2012: Munier Nour (University of Calgary, Pediatric Endocrinology) and Jessica MacKenzie-Feder (University of British Columbia, Adult Endocrinology)

Thyroid Foundation of Canada

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