CSEM Inactive Awards & Grants

The following CSEM Awards and Grants are no longer active:

Dr. Antoni Nalecz Abstract Award

Sponsored by Sandoz/Novartis Canada.

Awarded to a graduate student or clinical fellow for the best abstract presented at the CSEM Annual Meeting (until 2003).

  • 2003: Janine Woodrow
  • 2002: Christopher Kovacs
  • 2001: Jim Johnson and Barb Morash
  • 2000: Geneviève Hamann
  • 1999: Michelle Aarts
  • 1998: Lilia D'Souza-Li
  • 1997: Michelle Aarts

Dr. D. Harold Copp Young Investigator-In-Training Award

Awarded to a resident or post-graduate trainee who submitted the best oral abstract (prior to 2004, the second-best abstract) presented at the CSEM Annual Professional Conference.

  • 2007: Brianne Thrush
  • 2006: Laura Fick
  • 2005: Sarah Wallbank
  • 2004: Lucie Canaff and Janine Woodrow
  • 2003: Gladys Valverde-Franco, Marie-Eve Dominique, Gurvinder Kenth, Yuhong Wei
  • 2002: Julio Furlan
  • 2001: Marjorie Robbins
  • 2000: Dashen Wang
  • 1999: Lucie Canaff
  • 1998: Christopher Kovacs
  • 1997: Marianne Sadar

The CSEM GSK Diabetes Young Investigator Grant

Sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline Canada.

This grant is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated excellence as an independent investigator in the area of diabetes or related research. This award includes a grant in support of the recipient’s research program in the amount of $25,000/year for two years.

  • 2011: Minna Woo (Univsersity of Toronto)
  • 2010: André Carpentier (Université de Sherbrooke)